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Lawson Prosthetics: The highest standards from start to finish

     Lawson Medical delivers quality from the moment your need for a prosthetic arises. Whether you are a lifelong wearer, or become a patient under tramautic circumstances, our prosthetists are compassionate and dedicated to understanding your needs from the start. Each member of our team receives continuing education from the American Board of Certification (ABC)/ Board of Certification (BOC) . We work hard to understand your amputation site, healing time and anatomy.

Custom Prosthetic Fabrication

By offering custom prosthetics built in our own Central Fabrication Center, Lawson Medical is able to decrease the time you wait for your new prosthetic dramatically.

Our certified prosthetist will first create a cast made from a mold of your amputation site. In the example shown here, the custom fabrication process begins with the shaping of a cast. A "check socket" is then made to ensure a proper fit.



The process continues with the layering of the appropriate materials. Our technicians see the manufacture through step by step for each piece we create. In this case, a carbon fiber is used and cut outs are added to increase patient comfort.


The final result is a one of a kind prosthetic built with the most advanced componentry available, giving you the reliability you require.


Custom & Manufactured Products

Along with custom fabricated products, we proudly offer products from the largest manufacturers of prosthetics in the world. We cultivate relationships with our suppliers to deliver you the highest quality parts available. Here's just a sampling of what we offer:

 Above Knee Chopart
 Below Knee Custom Toe Fillers
 Hip Disarctic Above Elbow
 Symes Below Elbow






See real results! View patient pictures and go inside our Central Fabrication Center.

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