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Prosthetics and Orthotics

Lawson Orthotics: Developing the new standard

Lawson Medical is working daily to improve the quality of orthotic care and componentry for all patients.

 For us, this means developing our own products like The Lawson stance control. Sure to become the standard of care for patients, The Lawson stance control provides you stability when your joints need it most. Allowing you to live the life you deserve and function at the highest levels possible. Each member of our team recieves continuing education from the American Board of Certification (ABC)/ Board of Certification (BOC) credentialing.

Custom Orthotic Fabrication

When you choose not to accept a manufactured product, you know you're getting the best custom product possible when you work with Lawson Medical's Central Fabrication Center. Our in house fabrication allows us to deliver the most unique products possible for our patients.

Our fabrication supervisor oversees the manufacture of each custom orthotic we make. Our accountability program ensures excellence in care from the moment we begin building your brace. 


More than 20 years experience went into the design of The Lawson stance control. Received with accolades by patients and therapists alike, The Lawson stance control features a unique mechanisim enabling you to regain the stability you once enjoyed. 



Our Central Fabrication Center can even personalize state of the art bracing, giving you a custom look! Make your appliance camoflauged, give it a golden coating, or go sporty! Just about any exterior finish you can imagine can be yours!




See real results! View patient pictures and go inside our Central Fabrication Center.

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